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Managing a move - no matter what the reason for relocation - can be overwhelming and stressful. Many decisions have to be made and a lot has to be coordinated - I know from my personal experience of relocating several times!

Most don't even want to think about downsizing first. The two most common thoughts are:
"I can't get rid of anything before the move as I'm not sure of what I'll need at my new place" and, "It's too hard to downsize my stuff now - I'll do it when I unpack".

Both of these could be considered 'myths'. If you're not using it in your current space, you most likely will not use it in your new space. And, believe me, by the time you get to the unpacking stage, it is most common to just want to get the stuff unpacked, stuffed into a cupboard or closet and get the boxes and papers out. After the move, it will seem as if your life has been turned upside down. It will never seem like a good time to go through the 'stashed' items and reorganize your stuff. Eventually, the quickly stashed stuff acquires the space as home...

Taking the time to purge first - before the move - will result in good decisions about what to sell, keep, donate, give to friends or discard. Plus, it will reduce the cost of packing materials, labor of the movers and the size of the truck. And, most importantly, you will gain time on the other end of the move as now you only have to focus on the things you really love and use. And, it has been proven that a de-cluttered home where the buyer can visualize their own items in your home sells faster than an overstuffed one.

Don't hesitate: "Let me find space in your place" and help coordinate your downsizing and move today.


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