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"Heather is amazing!. I'm a little bit of a control freak but when she came in, she made me very feel very secure.  I didn't even want to come home my place, it was so cluttered and overwhelming.  I can breathe now in my new beautiful living room. I'm an actress and I was unable to get my pictures out, and I couldn't move forward with my career. Now with her system I get my pictures out right away and feel good about my future."

Kiki,  California

Heather has been an organizational inspiration to me for YEARS. She has been my best friend since elementary school, and even then amazed me with her color-coded closet and arranged-by-color girl scout badges!!!

More recently, she saved my sanity (and my husband's neck) by helping us prepare for the arrival of our second baby. Heather spent a week with us (over-night even-----that's a perk that only a pregnant best friend can get) and put our family back together.

Her advice and humor allowed us to get rid of things we no longer needed, clear space for the things we still needed, and made us realize that empty, clear, clean space was something we most definitely needed!!!

Heather's clever mind and skillful fingers (just watch them go---they will mesmerize you) are truly your best weapon against the never ending battle with 'the mess-ness,' as my four year old, Gracie, calls it. She will turn your home back into, to quote Gracie again, " a beautiful home place that I love!"

Teacher/Best Friend

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